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From Department Head

From Department Head

Dear Students,

Rapid advances in the area of computer engineering and information sciences are entering into our daily life. 

For this reason, our study area is very dynamic, and we must update our professional knowledge continuously. 

Our university pays a special attention to the area of computer and informatics, hence a decision was made in 

2011 to establish a new faculty in engineering format, following ITU, with the name of “Computer and Information 

Sciences Faculty”. 

The faculty, with our active staff, friendly administrative personnel and student centered teaching practices, we 

try the best for higher quality education. Our goal is to graduate you as successful engineer in your professional 

life with international level laboratories and curricula. With MÜDEK accredited programs, our faculty spends every 

kind of efforts to increase the quality of education. 

University-industry relations are also at very advanced levels in our faculty. We arrange many agreements 

between industrial companies such as firms at Sakarya Teknokent, Ford, Toyota and Kuveyt-Turk Bank, so our 

students are working in real projects while they are getting their education. This situation increases our students’ 

self-confidence and help them entering the business life earlier. Partner companies frequently tell us their 

satisfaction about our working students, and we are grateful about this. Besides, our students are also taking 

roles on developing real software projects for our university, and holding positions of managing computer systems 

at computer centers.

Next semester, we are moving to a new building which is equipped with advanced laboratories and classrooms. 

This will provide better facilities, and increase our motivation for better research and education.

On behalf of people at our faculty and university, I congratulate you for selecting our faculty.